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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

{create} branch weaving

tutorial and photography by Kristy Scaddan from Eeny Empire

Whether you're a bigger human or a little being, branch weaving is fun for all ages.

you will need...
+ a few branches
+ scissors
+ scraps of wool
+ feathers, tulle, straw, or anything that can be woven and found around the house or garden

step 1
Choose a branch that is Y shaped for this project and start warping up. Warp tension are the threads on a loom which other threads (the weft) are passed to make your masterpiece. Use some string or piece of wool and tie it to your stick then zig zag up the stick making knots at every pivot point to keep your yarn from sliding up and down. Keep your warp thread firm but don't pull too hard and break your stick. Tie off and cut your warp thread.

step 2
Now it's time to start weaving. You can use a blunt needle if it's easier but fingers are just fine. Cut off a length of yarn. Weave in and out under over, up and down, alternating every warp thread.

step 3
You can use a fork to keep your weaving nice and neat by pushing it close every row you finish.

Once you get the hang of it you can weave in and out and create any pattern your supplies take you. Switch yarns or rope by knotting them together and pushing the knot to the back of your work.

step 4
Finish off with feathers or any other found objects.

step 5
Tuck the start and finish yarn tails in through to the back and under a couple of stitches.


Kristy Scaddan is the founder of Eeny Empire. She is a craft enthusiast and adores sharing the amazing ways of all creative subjects. Growing up with a Mum that owned a Craft store, she has been teaching craft classes since she was a teen. She studied Fashion and Textile design and specialises in textile crafts like macrame, weaving, shibori and natural dyeing classes.

Eeny Empire offers opportunities to learn a new creative skill while having a chat with like minded crafty folk. New teachers and classes are regularly being updated and added and classes are held throughout Perth, WA. 


  1. i love this idea, i am babysitting three children of varying ages in the school holidays and this is the perfect activity for after our bush walk, thankyou

  2. Great idea. Thanks for the tutorial. Will give it a try.





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