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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

{business toolkit} thoughts on goal setting

by Tanya Collier

Each year I sit down and set goals for myself and for tickle. For some reason this year it felt 'clearer'. I guess a few weeks off over Christmas gave me a chance to reflect on what has been and what it is I truly want for tickle moving forward. The first few days back to work were spent putting all this thinking onto paper - and now I have three very succinct and realistic goals, along with five pages documenting how I plan to make each of these goals happen. Wish me luck!

We are now nearing the end of January, but that doesn't mean it's too late to start planning your best year yet!

Simply writing your goals down, or saying them out loud makes them feel possible. Mapping out a plan of action makes them absolutely achievable!

Here's a cute little worksheet to help you get started...and here's how I go about setting goals...

what? - this is the easy bit! Put into words what it is you would like to achieve - the more specific you can make it the better. For example - instead of 'I would like to leave my job' you want it to be more like 'I want to leave my job and work full time on my hobby business. I will need $xx per week income for this to happen'

why? what does this goal mean to you? why do you want to achieve it? Maybe it is 'to share my love of Australian handmade', or 'to be independent and work for myself', or 'to save a little extra money so we can go on holiday this year', or 'so that I can work flexible hours around my children'. Your why is really important - there will be days you ask yourself 'what on earth was I thinking?'...and on those days your 'why' will give you your answer.

when? - set a date! when do you hope to achieve this by? is this achievable? Setting a date gives you a deadline - without a deadline it is very easy to procrastinate and postpone your dream. Most creatives I know (me included!) leave everything until the very last minute. And there's nothing wrong with that, so long as you do get things done! So, set a deadline, it will make all the difference I promise x

how? - what are the steps or milestones that need to happen for this to become reality? Breaking your goal down into smaller actionable steps makes it so much more achievable.

who? - who are the key people or businesses that you feel will help you realise your dream? These could be a mentor, your business coach, a good friend to keep you on track, an employee to carry out some of the tasks, the stockist who will increase your sales... anyone who can help you carry out those steps and help you achieve your goal.

click to download your goal setting worksheet

Good luck gorgeous people!! I hope 2015 brings you everything you dream for x

feeling brave? share your worksheet below and we can all work together to keep each other accountable throughout the year x 


  1. These are some terrific tips Tanya! Thanks for sharing the cute printable! Lauren x

  2. Thanks Tanya, just what I was needing to help me get those ideas down on paper.





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