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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

{inspire} tickle your imagination by Kylie Loy

 - words and colouring page by Kylie Loy -

I love everything about 'tickle the imagination', as I am sure you do too, but I especially LOVE the name. As a creative business owner I believe tickling the imagination puts the beauty into the world, that gives ourselves and others the oooh & ahhhs. But it is also what gives us our own unique style as a person, it's the thoughts and ideas that lead us to who we are.

BUT, how many of us really use out imaginations today? Or truly living a creative life of what you love as an individual?

Let's face it, we are obsessed with movies, television, celebs, the internet & especially social media. I am not here to judge. I too, am guilty of all these pleasures. But with so much stimulation at our fingertips, it's easy for our imaginations and tastes to be influenced. Or even lose a little bit of it.

So ... let's tickle our imaginations.

Let's step up and be authentically you. If you're feeling a little like there is more style and brilliance to you, it's time to step up and own it. You know you were born to secretly show your amazingly authentic style.

Then let's do this.

Let's get real.

Be you. Only you.

 + Become conscious of your true inspired loves, whether they are in vogue or not.

 + Inspire yourself and develop your own style.

 + Take notice of what you naturally gravitate towards, in the form of shapes, colour, texture, imagery, photography, cooking, concepts etc.

 + Take notice of how you feel when you see something you adore. Does it give you butterflies?

These are intuitive signs of who your really are, what you truly love - they're indicators of your style.

Thinking about what ignited your imaginations as a child. What was it you loved to do? Tapping into this, using a little imagination and becoming visually aware of this, is a wonderful way to discover your own unique style.

It's perfect for creative business owners so you can develop a product range, that is 100% uniquely you. It's also brilliant on a personal style level. From the way your dress, to how you style your home, even what you cook. Using your imagination, rediscovering your unique style is so rewarding & not to mention whole lotta fun.

Enjoy being you.

Click here to download a copy of Kylie Loy's colouring page - we'd love to see your finished artworks!

And visit Kylie's website at www.kylieloy.com to find a lovely collection of instant download colouring books

1 comment:

  1. What a magic post Kylie! And a lovely colouring page. Thank you! And thanks for sharing Kylie's work Tickle! I'm off to get creative and tickle my imagination :-)





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