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Monday, September 3, 2012

{guest blogger} Robyn Amott from Bless this Mess

We are very excited to introduce our very first guest blogger... Robyn Amott.

This week is National Organising Week, so who better to kick off our guest blogger series than professional organiser Robyn Amott of Bless this Mess to chat with us about organising our creative spaces!!
These gorgeous images show off the beautifully organised space of Rebecca from Naughty Shorts! as featured in issue 06 - click here to see the full story

And now, over to you Robyn...

When it comes to craft projects we all know how valuable they are not only to whittle away the time, they keep our minds active and are a great source for self expression independent of our regular daily routines. Completing a project crafted from your own hands is truly humbling/heart-warming. Whether it’s quilting, crafting, sewing, scrapbooking......we are all seeking answers as to how to maintain and organise our craft items.  No matter what you're into, the same general organising rules apply.

I am very project driven and always have one or two on the go. For me it’s old furniture! I love finding an old piece I love and bringing it back to life with a strip, sand and fresh paint job. It’s so rewarding to watch some one elses trash come alive before my very eyes and knowing I made that happen. For me it’s taking an idea in my mind and bringing it to reality that I love the most.  Whether it’s something for me, the house or the kids I love the challenge and the reward.

Here are my recommendation on getting your bits and bobs sorted once and for all!

step one use your local craft store for inspiration. They know just how to display and store items for easy reference. (editor's note - Google and pinterest are also fantastic sources of inspiration for your creative space)

step two scour $2 shops and hardware stores for the purchase of storage items.  They are usually a lot cheaper and you’ll be amazed what you can come up with.

Divisional containers, like tackle boxes or hardware organisers are great for organising craft items especially those that need to be portable so you can take to regular classes.

step three Give everything a home!  Allocating a designated craft area is crucial in ensuring projects don’t take over your home. 

This will save you time as you can readily locate items, it will also save you money as you will know what you have at a glance and prevent double ups.

How many times have you lost your crimping shears, only to find them once you purchased a new pair.

*tip 1 Utilise wall spaces as well as draws and shelves for bins, boxes, canisters and baskets to keep items in easy reach whilst keeping your work surface clutter free.

Throughout the week Robyn will share her top tips for taking your creative space from chaos to calm and keeping it that way!

Robyn Amott is the owner of Bless this Mess and a Member of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers. For more information on the services she offers, you can contact her on:
M. 0407 757 466 | E. robyn@blessthismess.com.au
W. www.blessthismess.com.au | FB. www.facebook.com/BlessthisMessOrganising
For more information on the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO) please visit their website - www.aapo.org.au


  1. What a wonderful tip for being organize. I love organizing things. I don;t like seeing clutters and dirt around me. I think I have OCD or something.
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