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pencil line

Saturday, December 13, 2014

crafty christmas - paper feathers

Day 4 of 'crafting with Officeworks'

Paper feathers are so pretty and so easy to make. They add a lovely finishing touch to gifts and look lovely hung on the Christmas tree. You might even like to attach them to string to create a garland!
you need...
These are available at Officeworks - just click on each one to find it in their online store :)
Let's make!
1. Cut a piece of paper to the approx. size you would like your finished feather - ours is 24cm x 10cm. Fold it along the length of the piece of paper so you end up with a piece 24cm x 5cm.

2. Draw a template along the folded edge.

3. Cut out your feather.

4. Start trimming into the feather to create the barbs of the feather, working around the curve as you go.

5. Continue trimming and creating barbs along the length of the feather.

6. Open out the feather and curl the bottom barbs by running them between your index finger and thumb nail.

7. To finish, trim the base to create a curved, pointed tip.

Thanks to Officeworks for supplying to products for this post!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

crafty christmas - washi gift bows

Day three of 'crafting with Officeworks'

These take a little patience, but the finished result is so worth it!

you will need:
washi tape
double sided tape

All these are available at Officeworks - just click on each product to find it in their online store :)

Before you start... join two strips of washi tape 'sticky sides together' to create 'washi ribbon'. You will need approx. 140cm of washi ribbon altogether.

Let's make!

Cut strips from your washi ribbon:
 - 3 x 18cm
 - 3 x 16cm
 - 2 x 14cm
 - 1 x 7cm

Take the smallest strip and apply double sided tape to one end and connect to the other end to create a circle shape. Set aside.

With the remaining strips apply a little double sided tape to each end and fold as shown to create the bow points.

Overlap the three largest bow points evenly, using double sided tape to fix them to each other.

Build the bow up by adding the middle sized bow points and then the small ones, using double sided tape between each layer.

Finish with the small circle.

Stick to a gift for someone special!!


Thank you to Officeworks for supplying the materials to create these gift bows!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

crafty christmas - washi gift tags

Day two of our 'crafting with Officeworks' posts! This is fun!
Super cute and super easy! Washi gift tags add colour and fun to your gifts!

you will need:
+ washi tape (we've used scotch expressions tapes)
+ white card
+ scissors
+ hole punch

All these are available at Officeworks - just click on each product to find it in their online store :)

if you would like to create the tags shown here we've also created a handy template. You can download it here

Let's make!


Simply stick washi tape in lines to your white card until it is completely covered. We've created a pattern using three different tapes.

Then cut shapes from the decorated card to create your gift tags. Create your own shapes or use the shapes from our template.

<download the template here>

tip...If your printer can print onto card, you might like to print the template onto the card before starting, then simply turn over to apply the washi tape.


Thank you to Officeworks for supplying the materials to create these gift tags!

Monday, December 8, 2014

crafty christmas - make your own gift wrap

--- tutorials and photography by Tanya Collier, inspired by Emma Clapham for Officeworks---

I love any excuse to get my craft on, so when Officeworks got in touch to see if we would like to create and share some crafty Christmas projects inspired by their resident stylist Emma Clapham, how could I say no?

Over the weekend, I got to work creating lovely gift wrap, tags and embellishments for our Christmas gifts...

Super pretty and summery, right?

Each day this week I'll share a quick diy project so you can recreate these pretties yourself.

First up...handpainted gift wrap - this is so much fun and a perfect project to enjoy with your children! Using a single colour paint will keep the look consistent, but go crazy with patterns to make it fun!

You will need...
 + white paint 
All these are available at Officeworks - just click on each one to find it in their online store :)
Let's make!

1. big polka dots
For this one you will need the round foam paint applicator from the 'stuff for painting' set and white acrylic paint.

Simply dip the foam end into the paint and dab away on your brown paper! Working on one line at a time, space your dots evenly across the width of the page.

tip...Give the applicator a little twist while it is on the paper to give each dot a nice crisp edge.

For your second line move down a little and place dots midway between the ones above. Continue working down the paper until you have enough paper for your gift!

Come back tomorrow to find out how to create the cute washi gift tags!

2. small polka dots
Just like the big polka dots, but using the wooden end of the applicator!

To find out how to create cute washi bunting to decorate your gifts, visit us again on Friday.

3. stencil houses
Dip your paintbrush into white paint and remove most of the paint so your brush is quite dry, then dab through the stencil onto the brown paper.
To find out how we created our paper feathers, come back to the tickle blog on Thursday!

4. let it snow
Use the edge of the paintbrush to create 'snow'. We've gone for a uniform pattern, but this would also look great placed randomly across the page.

The cute little bow on this one has been created with washi! Come back on Wednesday to find out how we created it!!

5. crosses
I think this one is my favourite!

Using the edge of your brush simply paint crosses onto brown paper!


If you create some yourself, don't forget to share it with us on facebook or instagram - we'd love to see!!

Thank you to Officeworks for supplying the materials to create these gift wraps!

Here's a pic of all the supplies needed...and links for finding them online...
 + white paint 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

subscribe for your chance to win!

birdynumnumDesign are giving new (and renewing) tickle subscribers the chance to win one of 10 gorgeous dreamers, valued at $59 each!

To enter the draw, simply subscribe to tickle the imagination magazine between now and 30 November, 2014 and, in 25 words or less, tell us your dream for 2015!

terms and conditions:
1. This competition is open to Australian residents only aged 18 years and over.
2. To make a valid entry, entrants are required to:
  • purchase a new subscription or subscription renewal for tickle the imagination magazine between 08:00 AEST October 15, 2014 and 17:00 AEST November 30, 2014
  • in 25 words or less, tell us your dream for 2015 in the comments section below
  • visit the birdynumnumDesign website (www.birdynumnum.com.au) and let us know which colour dreamer you would choose if you win!
3. tickle the imagination reserves the right to approve or reject any or all entries at their discretion and to remove content or material that it deems inappropriate.
4. On December 1, 2014 tickle the imagination and birdynumnumDesign teams will review each approved entry and choose the ten (10) most creative and original entries. Each winner will be awarded with a birdynumnumDesign dreamer valued at $59. The winners will be notified by tickle the imagination via the comment section below and via the email address included with their magazine subscription signup. The winner will be asked to confirm their postal address, and the prize will be sent to said address. The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
7. The prize is not exchangeable or transferable for cash.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ride to work day!

Tomorrow is Ride2Work day! Ride2Work Day is the largest celebration of commuter riding in Australia. Held annually in October, this year's day is Wednesday, 15 October 2014. Registration is free and each registration is a vote for making it easier for people to ride to work. The day celebrates the benefits of riding to work and the community that supports it. Find out more here.
I haven't ridden a bike in years! But I do love to look at them!! Here's a collection of lovely bicycle inspired creations by Australian designers and makers.

1. bike chain cufflinks by tread and pedals
2. bicycle wrapping paper by the paper drawer
3. pillow cover by linnea
4. illustrated tote bag 'biking' by gretel girl draws
5. life is like a bicycle by designer honey
6. wheel reflector by cyclesign
7. upcycled bicycle spoke bangle by tread and pedals
8. MiniRax Bikerax by bikerax

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

world heart day

It's World Heart Day! And while I realise this is not quite what they mean...here's a lovely collection of heart inspired creations!

1. love heart polkadot print - coco ella designs

2. make a sweetheart applique - diy project - molly and mama

3. felt coin purses - Happy as Larry Designs

4. cross my heart and hope you dry tea towel by ink & weave

5. 'Love is all around' ipad case from Babee & Me

6. heart zips - Boo Designs

7. heart on a string - diy project by Tania McCartney - find it in issue 04 of tickle

8. felt heart ornaments and hessian heart bombonieres/ornaments - The Mayflower Suitcase

9. red daffodil heart greeting card - Spot of Yellow




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